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ANIMALS Hunting The Seadragon …

Posted by on 7. Juli 2016


That's the Ruby Seadragon in full splendour ...


… and that's Dr. Rouse

FIRST, THERE WAS AN UNEXPECTED DISCOVERY along the southern coast of Australia: A new form of a species, not seen for 150 years!!! A „Ruby Seadragon“ or Phyllopteryx deweysea, a Syngnathidae, belonging to the Seahorse family. A blood-red monster-like animal, which obviously sprang from the phantasy of  a Hollywood designer, specialized on horror. A creature as long as a man’s hand, but slim as a worm and in a shape with our comparison. And now swims Dr. Greg Rouse into the picture, a professor of Marine Biology in San Diego. A friendly guy with a sculptured smile in his face. An Australian who has more academic titles than an octopus tentacles. An experienced diver, who spends almost half of his time under water. He is now really „down under“, along the southern coast of Western Australia, because the Ruby Seadragon lives in depths of more than 50 meters or 150 feet. In the moment nobody really knows anything about the habitat, the peculiarities and the behavior of this rare and delicate fish. Rouse will find out. Fish? Yes, it’s a fish. And byy the way: Rouse was awarded one of the precious flags of the Explorers Club for his expedition, of which he became a member in 2016.

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