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ANIMALS An Elephant With Four Tusks …?

Posted by on 28. April 2017

4 Stoßzähne

The trophy with a dark secret ...

THEY DON’T SHOW THIS TROPHY TO EVERYBODY at the headquarter of the Explorers Club in New York. Members (as I am one) are entitled to enter the so called „Trophy Room“, and you might remember that some posts ago I presented you with the pelt of a man-eating tigress from India from the same cabinet. Now I got to see the skull of an elephant with four tusks. Enormous ones, if you look closely, because the gentleman in the historic picture might measure at least 1.75 m – which means that the tusks are over 1.75 m long! A very rare trophy indeed by shape, length and weight, and the first question which comes to your mind is: Where did this animal live, how come the Explorers Club got the trophy and is there a dark story behind. 1. The tusks come from Beni in the Congo, when this country was Belgian colony. That’s known but nothing else. 2. Because the skull is veiled by secrecy! To me it seems that the ruthless British-American explorer Henry Morton Stanley acquired (or shot) it at the end of the 19th century, had it sent to his master, king Leopold II. in Brussels … – no, sent it directly to the USA to his publisher who financed him for years in gratitude … – no, sold it secretly and for a dear price to a collector … no, because nobody knows the truth! For over 100 years the oddity is in the clubhouse of the explorers in New York, and I was glad to have seen it. And I got to know that the truth lies in their archive but they wouldn’t let me inspect the documents. That’s why I suspect a very dark secret behind the skull with the four tusks …

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