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AFRICA Witchcraft is very much alive …

Posted by on 2. Oktober 2014

That's the article which spread over the whole of Africa ...

I hope you can read this article from a newspaper in Zambia. But the story from Nigeria spread all all over Africa like a bushfire. How people almost killed this old lady because the suspected her to be a witch, and there is indeed a miracle behind the story: How could the old and almost crippled lady leave her house and be found many miles away in another town? Because the turned into a „Black bird“ and flew there, said the mob. She was saved in the end by her sons – and a police officer who was not superstitious enough to believe such a nonsense. But the fact that it was the top story from Morocco to Madagascar shows, that the people of Africa still believe in witchcraft, ghosts and ancestor cults – probably even stronger than before and we should not ridicule them but look for the reason.

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