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ADVENTURE They Swim Across The Pacific …

Posted by on 31. Juli 2017


The incredible route and ...


… the swimmers equipment

CAN YOU IMAGINE? NO, NOBODY CANa group of He-Men, not one a professional or Olympic swimmer, accompanied by a vessel, crossing the mightiest ocean, in the water, by muscle power alone! The boss of the team, Ben Lecomte, is (unbelievable!) a lawyer, who swam the Atlantic and the Panama Canal already. During those adventures and while swimming the Pacific, the 67ft US sailing boat „Discovery“ will join and in case of emergency protect them. They do it to experience marine environmental issues the direct way, with their bodies, skin-close, so to speak, collecting data, and therefore they are sponsored by the Explorers Club in New York, in addition to NASA, Universities, institutes and Scientific Centers. The crossing its the longest swim ever tried, and in the spring of 2018 the start in Tokyo is scheduled. You can easily contact Lecomte by two emails: and ben@the longest for further information and up-to-date-news …

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