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ADVENTURE The Son Like The Father …?!

Posted by on 10. September 2016


Louis Bird and Erden Eruc in Honolulu ...


… and Louis with his father Peter

WHY DOES HE WANT TO DO IT, I asked myself, when the Englishman Louis Bird announced his intention, to row across the Pacific from Monterey (California) to Honolulu (Hawaii). I hadn’t forgotten that his father Peter Bird had vanished while rowing from Vladivostok (East Sibiria) to California. Wasn’t that enough misery in the family? This thought might have come to the Junior’s head when – instead of rowing alone – he paired up with Erden Eruc, the toughest adventurer of our time (a Turk, to whom I dedicated an earlier post). And they made it, arrived in Honolulu on July 27 (2016), after 54 days and 42 minutes on the open sea. Not a very fast time, but not bad, no record, but a respectable time. And they were in good health. The deeper meaning? I’m still speculating. Has Louis Bird shooed away the menacing memory of his father’s sad end? Has he avenged, in a way, his father’s doom by conquering his killer, the Pacific? Strange people indeed risk their lives in doing things they think are necessary …

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