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Absolutely Silly Question!

Posted by on 30. April 2018


Start at Position 1 (Auckland), and you will appear on Position 2 (Marbella) ...

FORGIVE ME, I KNOW I SHOULDN’T ASK! But when I stood on Mt. Eden in the centre of Auckland, the biggest town of the Northern Island of New Zealand, the question came to me like a seagull: If I were to start drilling vertically into the ground, through the globe – where would I come out? Very difficult question. I would have guessed the opposite point would be near … – mmhm, where? Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, in Bergen


Beautiful Auckland in New Zealand ...


... and aweful Marbella in Spain

(Norway) or Tjumen (Southern Siberia)? Totally wrong. Look at my world map: Drill at position 1, all the way through Mother Earth, and you would come out at position 2, and that’s Marbella on the Costa del Sol on the Spanish east coast! Amazing! But geologists/geographer made a 100 % watertight calculation, even the author Jules Verne, knighted with abundant phantasy, hadn’t speculated. Well, that’s the post this time, no more, but isn’t it enough?

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