HUMOUR A Story Of Glory … (No. 9)

Posted by on 5. Juni 2011

The memorial for the Unknown Soldier in Arlington

I like him, and always will. He was a crook and was send to prison (an American by the way, but could have been German, French or Italian), but his scheme was hilarious. One should have made a movie, based on his idea – so original, nobody before him had it. This Man travelled through the United States and collected money for a certain Mrs. Williams. He wants, he told his spenders, to build a monument for this spendid but forgotten lady in the National Cemetery in Arlington, he had to do it, he said, since the US goverment refused to do it. Isn’t it a shame? Such negligence! The spenders listened carefully and opened their purses. The Man got thousands of dollars, lived lavishly and didn’t have the vaguest intention to honor Mrs. Williams. Which would hardly be possible. Because she – as the Man explained quit frankly to the spenders – was the Mother of the Unknown Soldier! Here comes now the second round of laughs (in respect of the Man’s genius): They found it a great idea …

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