LEGENDS A Story Of Glory … (No. 34)

Posted by on 14. Dezember 2011

On a horn like this ...

Golden ring

... sits a jewellery like this!

It is the most beautiful legend of Africa I know, told at the campfires of travellers, hunters and poachers at least for 80 years now! The legend of the rhino who killed an Arab trader in Kenya‘s Masai Mara around 1930, and the man was rich and had an enormous golden ring around one arm, gemmed with a fine selection of diamonds, emeralds and rubies. And during the fight for life this ring of fabulous value slipped from the arm and onto the horn and trying to get rid of it, the rhino pressed it even tighter onto the base of the horn, got used to it obviously – and since then everybody, knowing the legend, is searching for the rhino and the jewellery, to kill the animal and harvest the ring. The animal is seen from time to time, or rather somebody alleges he has seen it. But the sightings are too far apart to be true – from the Selous in Tanzania to the Etosha in Namibia from the Sambezi in Zimbabwe to the Lualaba in the Congo. Maybe the rhino died of old age already and the vultures own the golden ring now. Or the soil of the steppe. Maybe or maybe not. But the legend lives and the search never stops …

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