TREES A Story Of Glory … (No. 28)

Posted by on 28. September 2011
Ground Zero Tree

Slowly the pear came back to live after the terror attack ...

Naturally you visit the 9/11 plaza the next time you are in New York. Or you have done it already. Whatever – don’t overlook the single callery-pear tree in the centre of Ground Zero. It was a burned stump after the terror attack, but it was brought back to health at the Arthur Ross Nursery in the Bronx, planted in a pot and it flourishes again, soon it will be in blossoms of red and orange and fill the air with a captivating scent! This tree is a survivor of hell, a slap in the face of Al Qaida, a wonder of nature, or as „The New Yorker“ described it: „A haven from the urban frenzy, a solace from the horrors of history.“

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