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CARS A Story Of Glory … (No. 24)

Posted by on 28. September 2011

The Steyr XII Convertible ...


...and Bert Brecht

He was the poet of the poor, the socialist – but great – playwrite („The Threepenny Opera“, „Mahagonny“), the „National Author“ of the GDR – and the „saloon communist“ No. 1. I was reminded of that when I joined the Mille Miglia oldtimer race in Italy and was passed by a Steyr XII Convertible 1927, propably the most beautiful (and expensive) car ever produced in Austria: 6 cylinders, 1560 ccm, 20 HP. It was the limousine Brecht drove, sponsered by Steyr after he wrote a poem about the cars, titled „Singende Steyr-Wägen“ („Singing Steyr Cars“). He send in to the literary magazine „Uhu“ in 1927, it was printed and the automobile makers were so happy they gave Brecht the XII Convertible, followed by other Steyr cars every other year. P. S.: The poem contained the interesting line : „Jedes Hinterrad schwingt geteilt für sich“, in English: „Each rear wheels swings independently“ – and a work like that might have ruined Brecht’s chances to win the Nobel Prize

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