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A Conversation Piece (No. 3)

Posted by on 22. November 2011

Japanese? They are too salty ...

... missionaries taste very good ...


... soles are the best!

As you know, there are two species of cannibals: 1. The ones who are desperately hungry, and 2. The ones who want to honour a strong but defeated enemy by eating him. My (now dead and not eaten) cannibal friend Philip from the Sepik River in Papua-New Guinea once told me the favourites of the human menu: The best part are the soles of the feet – very tender, not too much fat, not stringy. The old people, Philip said, didn’t like Japanese because they thought they were too salty. As the most delicious were the missionaries regarded, especially the Lutheran or Protestants. Don’t ask me why, Philip didn’t know it either. But I thought I let you know the truth about the cannibals and the full interview with Philip is in my book about my search of missing planes, look at the right side …

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