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ADVENTURE A Conversation Piece … (No. 28)

Posted by on 26. Mai 2012

The boiling pot of the Niagara Falls ..

That’s tough: A man, age 40+, wants to commit suicide and chooses a 100 % deadly way – he jumps into and over the 53 m (or 180 ft.) high Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. Just two people survived such a deed, and only 18 managed to stay alive in specially built containers since 1901. About 200 people died in the Falls, going over the cliff „naked“ or protected, intentionally or by accident. And what happened in mid-May 2012? This man surfaced from the maelstrom at the foot of the fall, got carried out into the river and waded ashore, practically unharmed. Well, not completely: He suffered light injuries, a mental shock, a suicidical disappointment and a financial loss – to molest Niagara Falls in this way will be find by the authorities with a minimum of 5000 $ (or 4500 Euro) … oh, by the way: roughly a week later Nik Wallenda crossed the Falls on a tightrope, the first to so the stunt. Congratulations!

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