MYSTERY A Conversation Piece … (No. 17)

Posted by on 5. März 2012

... the Maya depicted it in one of their temples


In the drawing you see an elephant in Mexico ...

Look at the photo and the drawing: There is no doubt that on various Maya temples an elephant is depicted. An Indian elephant with smaller ears. Not biologically exact but no wonder – nobode living in Mexico had ever seen such a creature! But how could they hew one in stone? They must have seen pictures of elephants, shown to them by travellers from Asia. They must have landed a 1000 or more years ago on the shores of the Pacific. Or is there any other explanation? Hardly. But why did the travellers have pictures of elephants with them? And why did the dare to get in contact with the Maya who were not over-friendly with intruders? Strange! Turn the question again and again, discuss it from all sides. You won’t come to an answer, theories only, but the elephant is there … – I love these enigma.

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