The „Astoria“ will be back!

Posted by Axel Thorer on 14. September 2018

Leipzig's famous hotel resurrects from the dead ...

... and the old luggage label

A postcard of the hotel ...

ONCE IT WAS THE HOTBED OF THE INTER- NATIO- NAL VIPs – even Enrico Caruso slept hier! Opened in 1915, the „Astoria“ stands close to the equally famous train station, both being fine examples of Imperial architecture and representing in splendor the former wealth of this Saxonian town. But the State ownership during the socialist reign of the GDR ruined it and even the unification of the two German states couldn’t save it – in closed in 1995 and became an empty shell. Now it will be restored with the original facade, with 250 rooms up to the latest hospitality standard, and the opening is scheduled for late 2020. Hurrah, cry the aficionados of hotel nostalgia!

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