When in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) …

Posted by Axel Thorer on 9. Juli 2018

... and you are hungry, go straight to the restaurant „Embassy“!

The 80 years old facade of the restaurant ...

... and the general view of the interior

THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF RESTAURANTS in this once spectacular Bohemian spa, trying to lure you inside. I can’t say I tried them all, but I got a gourmet friend in this town of a thousand traditi- ons, followed his advise and was not disappoin- ted: The „Embassy“, in 1938 built by the architect Mewes and on the righthand side of the Hotel „Embassy“, is cosy, authentic, full off „Gemüt- lichkeit“, has very good food, cooked in the best Bohemian Style, the service reminds you with its humor of the world famous „Good Soldier Svejk“, and it is almost impossible, to spend more than US$ 30 for a full menu. The wines are local, much better than expected (even excellent), but don’t drink the reds, there is not enough sun in his part of Europe. You find the „Embassy“ more or less opposite the „Grandhotel Pupp“, but on the other side of the river (look for the nearest bridge). Conclusion: Highly recommended, no tricks involved! Adress: Nova Look, 21. Pone: (00420) 353 / 221 161. Email: info@embassy.cz

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