TRAVEL Just A Quick Advice …

Posted by Axel Thorer on 24. Juli 2017

… if you want to see Udine, Trieste and the region


That's the region of Italy ...


… that's how the cards look ...


… and these are the access possibilities

I KNOW, TOURIST CARDS“ ARE COMMON ALL OVER THE WORLD. Many cities and regions issue them. But what convinced me of the value of the „Friuli Venezia Giulia Card“ (look at the map of this part of Italy), was its diversity: You can buy it for 48 hours (18 Euro or US$), 72 hours (21 Euro/US$) or 1 week (29 Euro/US$). It’s covers a huge and highly interesting region, including the castles Miramare and Duino, the palazzi of Palladio, one of the oldest towns in Italy, Aquleia, and naturally the towns of Udine and Trieste. „It would be a crime, not to buy our cards“, said the guy, I bought mine from. After using it for a week, I contradict him: „It would be a sin …“. P. S.: I scanned the access possibilities!

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