PUBS Hey, You Love Beer Mats …?

Posted by Axel Thorer on 17. Juli 2017

Then „The Edgar Wallace“ in London is the place for you!


Look at all the beer mats ...


… in this Pub

WALLPAPER, PAINT OR PICTURES? They don’t need that in „The Edgar Wallace“ in London, address: Essex Street No. 40/Devereux Place. Because the landlord assembled a vast collection of beer mats/coasters and displays them in his pub. Hundreds, I would say, maybe more than a thousand. I asked him how many, but he hadn’t the faintest idea. The beer, the food, the service and the opening hours (11-23 h) are as good (or bad) as anywhere, the facade is old fashioned chic and the landlady, as you can see in the small photo, has a green thumb. That’s nice, but not outstanding. Why go there? To enjoy the uniqueness of the beer mat/coaster interior! It’s a British curiosity and one must have seen it. And what has Edgar Wallace in common with „The Edgar Wallace“? It was his favorite … – well, well, what did you expect would have been the answer the landlord gave me? Oh, the famous English photographer Steve Vidler made the picture and sent it to his friends …

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