POLITICS Let’s Phone the Minister …

Posted by Axel Thorer on 17. Juli 2017

Look, what I discovered in Botswana!


Make your choice of the Cabinet Ministers ...

I CAN’T IMAGINE ANY OTHER GOVERNMENT AROUND THE GLOBE, who would dare to do something like that! To publish an advertisement in the paper with the largest circulation, announcing 1. the date, 2. the hour and 3. the phone numbers to all citizens, so they can call the  18 Cabinet Ministers of the Republic of Botswana in their offices!!! For instance the Ministers of Finance, Health, Agriculture, International Affairs and Wildlife. The schedule I’m showing here (in two languages, Tswana and English) was for April 2017 (I was by chance in the country at that time), and it’s amazing that 11 of the ministers take the calls between 7 and 8 p.m.! Well, 60 Minutes per month and minister isn’t much, but Botswana only got 2,2 million inhabitants and how many of them dare to dial these numbers? But it is a splendid example of a functioning government with a great sense for public service, initiated by president Ian Khama. Congratulation!

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