PEOPLE Who Got The Longest?

Posted by Axel Thorer on 5. Juni 2017

The British poet Lord Byron, so it seems ...

Lord Byron

Lord Byron

SECRETLY, THE WORLD IS VERY INTERESTED to get the answer to this indecent question. Yes, so it is, don’t deny it! Was it Rasputin, the Sibirean monk, or Don Ameche, the American actor, or Ludwig II, the fairytale king of Bavaria? Few would know for certain. The ladies, of course, but they seldom tell. I personally know (because I’ve seen „it“) of a German scientist who’s dong ends around his kneecaps. But the other day I stumbled over this piece of information in the marvellous book „Rest in Pieces“ by the beautiful author Bess Lovejoy: „… Houldsworth (the warden of the church, were the poet is buried) also noted that Byron’s sexual organ showed quite abnormal development. Biographers have long wondered about this abnormality, but Houldsworth, interview by a British journalist in the 1960s, cleared up the confusion: I’ve been in the Army, I’ve been in bathhouses, I’ve seen men … but I never saw nothing like him … He was built like a pony.“ Regard: Lord Byron, the greatest of all great English poets, 1788-1824, a sentimental lyricist, was when Houldworth saw his remains, dead for 111 years! He was only party embalmed, partly skeletonized. And still his most private part showed those amazing dimensions – but what, I wonder, did it look like when Byron was alive  …

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