COMMUNICATION The Selfie Pest – Amusing …!

Posted by Axel Thorer on 3. Dezember 2016

Look at the small but great invention of Michael Käfer of Munich ...


The window closed from inside ...


… the window from outside ...


… and me in a „Window Selfie“!

NO, NOT A BAD WORD ABOUT SELFIES! I confess, I hate them but being tolerant enough, I just ignore this cosmopolitan desease. And then I came across the „Selfie Beer Mat“, an ingenious idea of the Oktoberfest host and owner of many celebrated restaurants in Munich and other German locations, Michael Käfer. Have a close look: The usual carton disc with a diameter of 10,5 cm or 4 inches, showing a typical Bavarian farmhouse window from outside, then turn it, and you see an equally typical Bavarian sleeping room with the same window from inside – and a ladder! When seeing this, insiders immediately understand the hint to one of the oldest, nicest and most dangerous Bavarian traditions: „Fensterln“. Which means: Inside is the sweetheart in her parents home, outside her lover, ascending on the ladder and bidden inside through the open window. And now look again closely: The window on the beer mat opens! Wide enough to show one’s face. Now you stare through the window – and you get a most wonderful (and very acceptable) Selfie! I won’t burden you with the wording around the brim, it’s very Bavarian, hard to translate. And where do you get these very special communication tools? Try the website of Michael Käfer, just spell him Kaefer:

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