TOILETS Moments You Will Never Forget (No. 38)

Posted by Axel Thorer on 10. Juli 2013

Gentlemen, just go to the loo in „The Bell“ in Ticehurst!

The Bell

What a great idea – and an evolution in waste management ...

A lot of dirty jokes come to my mind, looking at this picture! Three trom- bones used as urinals. They even say there is a mecha- nism which produ- ces pitches and tones, according to the height and the pressure of the tinkle. I doubt it, because when I used one the instru- ments were silent. Or am I too old the play them? The landlord of the pub „The Bell“ in Ticehurst (Sussex/England) came up with his idea – and it made it into the society-magazine „Tatler“ on their pages „Game of Thrones. The ultimate loo guide“. I loved the trombone urinal, a real developement in the tiled room, a genuine evolution of waste management. Sorry, my dear ladies, it’s not for you but I got another story, concerning the exclusive loo for Queen Elizabeth II. Look for it!

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