PROTECTION The News To Use … (No. 25)

Posted by Axel Thorer on 10. Mai 2013

The South Africans should know what helps against the pest!


That's the best there is in the world – according to my experience ...

… and they do! Truely: Isn’t it ridiculous to buy cremes, sprays and fluids against mosquitos, sandflies and other biting and stinging insects anywhere else but the countries where these menaces are at home? I thought so when I came across „Tabard“. Produced in South Africa and the best protection I have found so far. It might have the same ingredients as „Autan“ and other well known determents. But then, I must say, did the South African find a better formula to mix them. Whatever – I just made a bush safari without lodges, being in the open 24 hours a day, and „Tabard“ kept everything away from me which I didn’t want close. I’m not on „Tabard’s“ payroll (yet), I even bought my spray at Jo’burg’s Tembo Airport, and I didn’t contact them before I wrote this. Believe me, I’m believable …

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