NOBILITY Interesting People … (No. 59)

Posted by Axel Thorer on 23. September 2012

Meet the Rutlands, married but separated owners of a fabulous castle

Belvoir Castle

The fabulous Belvoir Castle in Rutland ...


... the location of the county ...


... and the Duke & Duchess in better times

Look at this fairytale castle in England‘s smallest county, Rutland, named after the noble family who dominated it for centuries. The Duke is still there, his wife too, and their home, called Belvoir (pronounced the French way), and their five children. Only the love is gone. He has a mistress and she has a lover, but both are not willing to move out of Belvoir Castle, so they split it up: The Duchess lives in one part with her beloved new partner, and the Duke in another part with a person, his wife calls „a lady from London.“ The five children move between their parents and their wings in Belvoir, and the Duchess told the press in her flamboyant manner, „in the castle it’s business as usual.“ Well, the castle is so big, it could probably house a male and a female harem. And the visitors they need to finance their extravaganza too. To be knighted and rich definitely has its advantages, don’t you think?

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