ANIMALS A Story of Glory … (Nr. 21)

Posted by Axel Thorer on 28. Januar 2012

What is the loudest creature on earth? You wouldn't believe it!


That's the loudest animal on earth ...

Ralph, my English Celeoptera friend, always asks me such silly questions because he thinks, that Celeopterae – or beetles – are the most amazing and beautiful animals on earth. I don’t think so. But then Ralph came up with this simple question: „What is the loudest animal on earth?“ – and I answered: „The lion. The roar makes him the king in the animal world.“ Ralph didn’t agree: „… and when I tell you that there is a tiny beetle, just 0,08 inches (= 2 millimeters) long, who produces a sound that’s as loud as the lion roar?“„Then I would say you are nuts.“ He is not, since he is an world expert on Celeopterae. The beetle is called Microneta Scholtzi and lives in fresh water all over Europe. In the mating season he rubs his penis (I can’t tell you the length, but you can’t see it with the naked eye) against his belly and achieves a sound of 99,2 decibels! Ralph says, it’s like sitting in the first row during a concert of the Berlin Philharmonics (he is a joker too). How Microneta Scholtzi does it, is his secret. But the feminae of Microneta Scholtzi find it irresistable …

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