MONEY Collectors Corner … (No. 27)

Posted by Axel Thorer on 5. November 2011

Che Guevara signed banknotes? You must be joking

Che Guevara

The famous revolutionary from Argentina ...

Cuban Banknote

... signed this Cuban banknote in the lower lefthand corner!

Yes, he did! Because at a certain time (1959) the Argentinian Ernesto Guevara was Governor or President of the Cuban National Bank (appointed by his then friend and comrade in arms Fidel Castro) and had to sign the banknotes of the new socialist regime – like the 10 Pesos bill I show you here! The impossible thing is – but what do you expect from an anti-capitalistic revolutionary? – that he signed just with his nickname Che, written like an arabesque (lower left). Today this money of Che is worth nothing as a paying tool, but a cherished collectors item, valued at ca. 10 $ or 7 euros.

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